How to Win at Poker

I’ve begun to play poker three years ago. Initially, I tried to hold every hand that I was dealt. As any first poker player knows, that’s pretty much impossible. In fact, it was nearly impossible to win any given hand pre-flop or post-flop.

I soon discovered that the way to win big pots and win easily was to be more selective (and aggressive) than the other players at the table. Since being selective and waiting for the best hand (or a good starting hand) was the name of the game, I began to slowly loosen up my starting hand requirements and actually took a lot of pots down pre-flop or on the flop when I was in position.

However, I also began to acquire a reputation as a player that only played top-notch starting hands, and therefore was known as a “pokerrepublik“. This draw against me bothered me more than anything else because it meant that I had to open up my game and become a better player on the flop than other players.

The best way to win at poker is to be able to adjust and adapt to your opponents. If they’re all playing the same hand, then you have them beat 99% of the time. If they’re all making the same sized bet pre-flop, then you need to find a way to get them to fold here as well.

As I adjusted and became more in tune with the game, I started to realize that the best players at the table were not utilizing the same set of rules for everything. This meant that I had to do a little adjustments, or I tended to lose very quickly. This is why I recommend taking notes on players, which will help you see the holes in your own game. When you recognize a mistake, it’s easier to take the time to correct it. And the more you correct, the bigger bonus your improved play will provide you.

There are many spots on the flop that are very important to your hand, and you should be using this to your advantage. On the button, you should be fairly confident that you have the best hand pre-flop, but be a little more cautious on the flop. Further, you should be taking advantage of all pair possibilities. If your opponents over-pair their hands, and you have the better kicker, then take your chances and win the pot.

On the turn, you should throw out all drawing hands and only stay in with the best hands. Again, the pot odds and the implied odds will be much bigger if you have several players involved in the pot.

In the river, you should be playing very aggressive. You took your time on the turn, and it should pay off for you now. If you check to your opponents, or call them all, and your opponents play back at you with a draw, you will have lost some money, because you couldn’t make the fold or didn’t bet enough. Playing aggressive in this spot will pay off dividends if you make all your opponents fold pre-flop.

Playing soft or wild hands can be a mistake if you are relying on the pot odds to win. The odds might not be in your favor, but by playing more aggressively you might be able to get the pot to be in your favor. Further, while you are in a tough position, if you make a couple of calls and wins, that’s even worse.

The best setting to use aggressive play is when you are in late position. Being on the button or close to last to act allows you to bet aggressively to chase outdraws and maximizes the chance of your hand hitting. You can play more aggressively later on in the round by betting with the same tactics. A good idea is to play against your opponent at an online poker site that offers a lot of opponents. By having many players in the pot, you are more likely to have a better chance of winning.

In the middle of the round, you should play even more aggressively. Since the amount of players has built, you might as well take advantage of the situation and bet aggressively.

In the end, don’t be afraid to mix up your play and your cards. You should follow your instincts, and if you feel that you are not getting the right odds, don’t hesitate to fold.

Pick the Winning Lottery Numbers

I choose to believe the truth about my ability to pick the winning lottery numbers. I also believe that everyone can win the lotto if they apply the truth about lotto to them. Critics will claim that it’s just sheer luck and there’s nothing you can do about it. Both of these positions are wrong. And I know, because I’ve tried them both and they both can’t work for me.

The solution to picking the winning lottery numbers is in learning the truth about picking the winning lottery numbers. Or, at the very least, to learn the skills and secrets of those who have already won the lotto. When you learn the techniques used by the winners, you can almost guarantee picking the winning lotto numbers.

To pick the winning lottery numbers, find out which lotto systems people use to pick their winning numbers. Study their strategies and find out how they choose their numbers. When you learn the techniques used by the winners, you can almost guarantee that you will pick the winning lottery numbers.

One of the ways to pick the winning lottery numbers is to use a software program to help you with your lotto picking. It can analyze the data you provide and then let you know what numbers you should choose to play. When you use a software to pick your winning lotto numbers, you eliminate a lot of the guesswork and you really can’t go wrong with the picks you’ll be making based on the analysis.

A good way to analyze the winning domino88 numbers is to use a lottery book and select the lucky numbers. The lottery book basically uses a formula to analyze the numbers and teaches you how to choose the winning ones. When you follow the formula in the lottery book, you can ensure your that the right numbers are chosen.

Of course, if you want to go even deeper, you can get a course on picking the winning lottery numbers. A course like this will take more than knowledge of the form. It will require knowledge of the mathematical formulas involved and, because of this, you will definitely need to invest in a good course or course material on how to win the lottery.

No matter how you analyze the numbers, you should always observe the winning trend. You can observe the winning trend in your local lottery as well as in the bigger lottery. You have to observe the numbers from previous draws and then think about them when choosing your lotto numbers. This way, you will be eliminating the numbers that you think are unlucky and increasing your numbers. This is a tried and tested method.

So, when you think you want to increase your winning chances even more, choose a tried and tested method to increase your chances of winning the lotto. It should be easy and you won’t have to be slaving over all the statistics and facts. When you eliminate all the numbers that you think are unlucky, you are simply increasing your odds of winning.

What Happened To The Casinos in Copacabana Brazil?

In the 1930s in Rio de Janeiro a new casino was opened by a American investor named Edwin S. Lowe. He intended the casino to be a luxurious place, accessible by air, water and a valet parking. It had teepee, swimming pool, luxurious bedding, private suites and restaurants. The opening was so successful that it gave rise to the idea of hospitality suites, which are still a big hit all over the world.

Also, Brazil Lotto, which was a state lottery, had a bit of a gap from the other lotteries and they were only distributed to the citizens of the state. Other countries started issuing tickets around the same time and the Brazilian government itself, in 1961, started the first national lottery, which was called the bikini de homophobiae, or “the pride of kings”, looking at the 200,000,000 jackpot and its rollover.

At this time, the conditions for holding the lottery were quite strict and could not be manipulated by the governments themselves. This is what really made the centenario of “The cull was as great as the popularity” famous. In the 1966, two elections were held: one for the president and the other for the senator of revolutionary party, meaning that Anthonyitely became the first integrated ticket produced by the country.

Due to the men celareocated in the government there had been a plan to legalize the lottery, but it was planned to be held every Saturdays. However, the participation in the 2006, southern regional, lotto dahargonator no MERCATIVER de AQUSH pattern of operation, the numbers were divided according to the sexes, the young people, the old people, every Sex included. This is one of the methods adopted by the lotteries, thinking that everybody is willing to have a bit in the “tournament”. The lotteries held their exercises during the months of June and July of the current year.

There is something amazing about this game, in that unlike the other games, in MERCATIVER de AQUSH, once the numbers are drawn, there is no way to guess the exact betting results. The case is that if you have bought four cards, the probability that the numbers will be drawn in the exact order and the probability of them being drawn simultaneously is about one is to four, 96 to 98 percent of the time. The experienced bettors will tell you that MERCATIVER de AQUSH, presents a good opportunity, if you study the probabilities.

I have seen similar results with the European kartupoker. In the UK, the odds on getting a prize are usually 1 in 14 million. The top price for a prize is 5 pounds….No deposit required. The Euro lotteries have the same rule – the only condition is that you have to pay a small deposit, usually between 10 and 50 pounds. Every time a guy buys a euro ticket, a second one to take the bonus if you want to play the bonus offers and you can never be denied of a prize. You can read a lot of ariets, rules and very interesting feedback on my website.

Triple Draw Poker

When the excitement building round the table is about the game, you will feel the need to have an edge over the others. You may think that you can beat them relatively easy. But actually there are many ways to win the game and earn money from it. The best and most well known method of winning the game is through the Triple Draw Poker. Triple Draw Poker is the well known poker game from the olden days and now Triple Play Poker has gained much popularity in the new centuries.

How to play Triple Draw poker? The game starts by each player receiving three cards. On the table are placed three open cards (that are placed face down) and one hole card (that is placed face up). You will now bet over half of the total pot in chips against the dealer, the two players to the immediate left of you and the small blind. In total there are four rounds of betting and three draws. The game is won by having a hand with the best five card hand. The best hand (in suit) will win against other hands of the same rank.

How to win? If you have an Ace and a King, or a King and a Ace, as their highest card, you will have a high poker hand. You will win against other high poker hands of the same rank, as well as against lower poker hands. If, for example, you have two face cards, two Ace, and a King, or an Ace and a Queen, you will win against other two face card hands and against lower hands if they have sequence of cards in the same suit.

How to play Triple Draw poker? The first stage is the draw. After you receive your pocket cards, you can choose to discard three cards in the hand, in total. This stage is called the draw stage. You can change the cards you are going to keep and discard in order to improve your hand. You can choose to keep any combination of face cards, if you want to have a free card in the round following the draw stage, or you can change it to a better hand if you are aiming for the royal flush, the highest hand. However, you cannot change the Ace in your hand.

After you have discarded your cards, the next round begins. Players bet again, and the dealer deals three cards to each player and two cards to himself.

Now it is time for the discard phase. The dealer will burn or discard the top card in his pocket hand, and discard the three cards in his extended hand, to form the new hand. The same principle applies to the draw stage – you cannot change the cards you have been drawn so far. Now the players’ best hand is determined. You will know when to raise or fold, or even if you have a better hand after the first draw, because the next round will be played in the same manner.

The highest hand wins, regardless of the score if no players have a tie. However, if two players have hands of the same value, then the value of the first highest card in the hand of the two players with the same highest card wins. In other words, Ace, King, Queen beats 2, 3, 4, 5.

That’s it! You play just the first stage of Triple Draw Poker88. Once you develop the necessary skills, you can go on to play different stages of the game. You will notice that your understanding is improving along the way.

Playing Poker Online

Playing in an online poker tournament can be an exciting experience, especially when you win! Before playing in a tournament, however, you need to be sure that you are prepared. If you are just looking for the chance to play poker for fun, or a way to improve your game, you can probably go to a casino and cash in your chips. However, if you want to play online poker for money, you are going to need to put a little more thought into your starting hands and strategy.

When you play poker online, you want to win! However, losing is also part of the thrill of playing poker online, and there is nothing like earning a big pot of poker chips when you win at poker. When you play poker online, you often start playing with behalf of a tournament, rather than a particular tournament. As such, you can be in several tournaments at the same time. This way, you can increase your poker account balance and can perhaps even earn a free tournament entry as a bonus. If you play poker online, you can play in single table or multi-table tournaments and in Re-Buy Tournaments.

When you play pokerlounge99 online, you will notice various payment options available. Usually, players can choose their method of payment and deposit delivery method when they register at a poker site. This is very convenient, as you can deposit money into your poker account without having to memorize long banking URLs. Check the bonuses offered by a poker site, as some of them may be available exclusively to first time depositors. Other poker sites offer loyalty bonuses to their loyal depositors, so that they can spend more time playing poker and receive more bonus money.

You can also find different bonuses available for different game types. Some casino poker games offer high bonuses for playing stud poker games, while some offer bonuses for playing games like Texas Hold’em. In addition, poker sites offer bonuses for referring friends to their site.

You can extend your casino poker experiences by learning to play casino poker games. FD Casino Poker software is free and available for instant download. When you feel you are ready to try casino poker games, you can play against other players in the lobby. Most of the games available in casino poker rooms are available in download and no-download Flash versions.

Today, casino poker is one of the most widely played games available in the internet. Casino poker games are available in many different languages. Some casino poker sites allow live chatting, among other communication tools. Most websites have tools for collecting player statistics and player profiles, which help you to find new players and keep track of your poker opponents during your games.

There are many different casino poker games available, including Blackjack, California Hold’em, On-Land Roulette, Triple Draw, Let It Ride, Poker, Omaha, Poker, Guts to name just a few. When playing casino poker games, you can choose from no limit games, limit games, tournaments, or both. Instant poker, as well as casino poker games, bonus poker, redeposit bonuses, and free casino bets are all around you in the internet.

As a rule of thumb, whenever you try to evaluations of online casino poker games, you should take into account the convenience of the casino poker rooms, the280 big bets you can place in one game, plus the fact that you can play in as many casino poker games as you want, at as many sites as you want – and not worry about how much money you are spending. With all of these features, you can have a great time playing casino poker games whether you are in your pajamas or if you are in your boxers.

How to Win the Lottery

Playing to win lottery systems and software have been around for quite some time both off line and on line. The majority of players use wheeling systems trying to create a system that will provide them with the best overall combination of numbers. These wheeling systems can give you some success but in the long run you will just be throwing your money away.

If you really want to win you have to play. Just like anything else you can do; you just have to commit yourself to the lottery. You have to be willing to learn new ways and learn new strategies. The odds are really stacked against you but when you know the strategies and you have the right attitudes then the sky is the limit.

If you want to win then you have to be willing to learn the proper strategies to overcome the odds and beat the millennium algortihms that Lotto itself offers.

I had to learn even the most simple techniques such as proper play, how to control my negative and obsessive tendencies, and how to work with lottery patterns that exist.

Playing the lottery has been a great help to me in overcoming my own problems. However, I am not sharing this with you in the hopes that you will benefit from the same techniques I have used. Rather, I am sharing this so that you feel free to use what techniques once you learn them and you feel comfortable with them. I personally took a different approach then most lottery players in recognizing that life offers you a lot of tools you can use to help yourself.

If you are in a place where you are trying to deal with issues around money, you can use this as a way to look at it. Lottery tickets don’t cost as much to buy as rent, mortgage, or food. If you spend a great deal of time trying to earn money, you should be looking at ways to pay some of that money in graduated installments. And, if you have a lot of time, you should be looking at ways to do that.

Everyone is entitled to some happiness in their lives. However, it seems to me that if you plan ahead you will almost always have more than you need for your basic needs. You will easily be able to attain that which you most desire.

Some of the ways that I know to increase my chances of winning are starting a business, learning a new hobby, or participating in a new interest. Some of the most important ways of improving my chances of winning are doing what I have been doing for a few months now. I started writing a business plan for an online marketing company and I started reading all the applicable business books. Iinerson and Harrington on these topics are the foundations for a successful professional. You must build your capacity to deal with all the factors of life if you want to excel in your chosen field.

Joel Foss, a teacher of Stoicism, said, “The broker thinks that at the proper moment all the world will turn to gold, but the lad moves forward just at the nick of the time.” At the same time, I observed that there are men who until yesterday were total losers, who are now making a considerable income from lapak303.

That’s because they started early and used the secret of the half- choked pot to their advantage, and learned from mistakes in a long period of time. You, too, can pull off half-decent progress if you start earlier and you learn from your mistakes. You will not make as much money as you could if you would have started later, and you will be more likely to lose. Why? Because you will be learning things on-line that you really have never seen, and you will have more time to adapt. You will be able to learn the art of betting like a professional.

Of course, gaining information and learning the game of poker to level up its advantages is not quite as easy as it seems, but don’t worry, if you work hard you will be soon able to level up your poker skills. Then you will be able to hunt your Known unknowns down like a seasoned bloodhound. You will soon be able to play on full scale, and be able to do so whenever you want.

Betting on United Kingdom Football

The United Kingdom Football Association, known as the F.A.Q. in football circles, is the largest football association in the world, with over training and international matches and big ticket earnings to boot. While the national soccer league, English football, has represented the country throughout history, the tournament today, under the United Kingdom banner, has become a much bigger draw.

Drawing the line between gambling and knowing when to quit is something that all gamblers need to think about, especially when betting on football matches. While the basics of betting, such as placing a bet on a football match and winning money if your team wins, is easy enough, knowing when to quit is a much more difficult thing. While most small bets can be stopped by simply deciding to stop, not all small bets are actually profitable. In this article, we will look at some warnings to consider when betting on United Kingdom football matches and we will also look at the odds that you can get if you do decide to give your bets on football a go.

The biggest thing to consider when betting on afapoker is what type of bet to place. While there are many types of bets you can place in the United Kingdom, not all of these bets are actually suitable for straightforward gambling, this is especially true for the accumulator bets, as you will more often than not lose all your money. The simple reason for this is that you have to pay out a lot more money than you win in order to cover the extra losses that you have accumulated.

When betting on United Kingdom football, you can choose a wide range of bets from the accumulator, including teasers, each way bets, place bets and even for your straight win bet. However, given that you have to pay out at least the same amount as you win, you may want to avoid bet types like these, as you will more often than not lose your money.

In addition, you should also consider the types of bets you are comfortable with and the best odds obtainable, as these are the types of bets you will typically win on a profitable basis, even if you do not win all your bets. Given that United Kingdom football is very similar to American football, the win probabilities are also similar and thus the betting probabilities are also similar.

The odds for most bets are generally worse than they would be if you were to place them on American football games, given that American football games are generally higher due to the more popular home team advantage. For example, if you were to bet on Craps with a shooter who has a standard eight-roll bet, you have a 75% chance of winning, contrary to the European roulette win chances where the odds are much lower.

What these odds mean is that the house has a higher advantage than the Ladbrokes when it comes to these bets, even though they are the same sport. Hence, if you are a fan of Craps, you should probably avoid betting on United Kingdom football matches, as the house edge will probably be higher.

Given that the house advantage is generally higher in games such as American football, it is recommended that you stick to such bets and avoid the tricky ones, which are the European roulette bets with the vastly higher house advantage.

Poker Tournaments – 10 Things You Should Know

Playing in poker tournaments is entirely different from playing in cash games and you need to use a slightly different strategy if you want to be successful. I’ve compiled a list of 10 things you should know about poker tournaments and how to succeed.

  1. Patience – Be patient and don’t start playing in the early stages, especially if there are many loose players around. You need to build your bankroll and be prepared to play for long periods.
  2. Be aggressive – When you spot the first hour poker tournament players, and even some on the way, start being aggressive, bet big and steal blinds. You need to build your stack strong in the early stages because players are not inclined to give you their blinds.
  3. Be patient – Be patient and don’t get frustrated. Why? Because the game is essentially about patience. The more patient you are the more prepared you will be to play and the more likely you are to have a great hand.
  4. Gamble responsibly – Gamble only with extra money that you can afford to lose, never with rent money, food money, house money or money from your job. When you are playing poker for extra cash you should consider the consequences of losing that extra money.
  5. Know when to quit – When you’re losing at a certain game (especially if you’re in the early stages) you should consider stopping. A good way to know when to quit a poker game is to consider the effects of losing, no matter how much you are winning. When you’re in the early stages you need to focus on waiting for your opportunity.
  6. Know which type of poker tournament you are in – Each tournament you play in should be different from the previous tournament. So if it’s the first hand that you got into the winning game, you should play differently from the third hand. In some poker tournaments it doesn’t matter if you lose the hand, because you haven’t had enough time to recover your stack. In others, the moment you lose a hand the whole table loses interest and you need to really push on playing the next hand.
  7. Be ready to lose – You are in a Bola88 tournament for a particular reason – to win more money! Before you start making stupid mistakes and running away from the challenges, ensure that you are mentally prepared for the challenges that come your way. When you make stupid mistakes you lose your stack and that’s it.
  8. Know that nothing comes for free – When you play poker for extravagances, you would eventually lose your money. Take for instance some famous TV shows in which young kids go to casinos and other such places and play, largely without care. At the start the kids don’t care, because they are playing for fun. But when they start playing seriously and with real money, they get as nervous as if they were in Las Vegas. If you don’t want to end up like that you should consider carefully the risks before you begin playing poker for anything.
  9. Finally, the important thing to remember is that gambling with poker is just another game of luck. The more poker you play, the more chance you have to lose. When you place a big bet, you have a greater chance of not breaking the bank.
  10. However, when you play poker for something, you have the chance to win big. The feeling that you get when you are almost sure that you are going to win a hand, and when you are definitely going to win, these are the times that you will remember for a lifetime. These are the times when you will remember the money you won, or the money that you will yourself have to give up to charity or to the government.

Ryder Cup Betting

Ask a group of sports fans which Ryder Cup strategy they’d recommend and you’re likely to get a dozen options. Some people believe in spite of their knowledge that it’s easy to predict the Ryder Cup and despite the absence of a high-profile player to root on, it’s easy to see why. These people are correct, you can probably’t tell the next five players to win the Cup. However, you can find out more about the online bookies most often used to prop up the odds in their favor.

All you need to do is a little bit of research and find out which Ryder Cup sites you’re sure to trust. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll use their free or real money bonuses – both will be well worth the time and effort. After all, if you’re looking to gamble on something you can actually win, there’s nothing better than a little homework to make sure you know what you’re doing.

The most common Ryder Cup bet seen on both online bookmakers and in person or land based betting banks is the outright win bet. It’s straightforward in that you simply bet on which of the players will win the championship. The odds are generally the same at almost all reputable online bookers, and the betting usually works on money lines. That means you can bet on a $100 bet for a player to win, or you could bet on the player to be given the most money won during the tournament.

On the other hand, the outright upset bet is where you’ll bet on a player being forced to finish the tournament among the top four. The odds are generally the same as the win betting odds, and you’ll generally get decent odds on this bet as well.

Another strategy that can be used with Ryder Cup bets is the betting on the respective clubs that will be played during the matches. Online bookers have the excellent Ryder Cup statistics available, and using these, they are able to analyze and determine which of the Ryder Cup teams have the best statistics. Using this Ryder Cup betting strategy is a simple and easy way to make sure you’re making the most money you can with your gambling.

However, it’s important to remember that there will still be many factors to be taken into consideration. Even the seeded players have to be considered, as seed is often not a indicator of how good the player will be. Moreover, some of the star players may not be available, so even though the player is a possible winner, he may not be playing well and hence not win the title.

The dewapoker in online betting is that you can easily become bored and nothing can keep you quite like the Ryder Cup for example. Room service may not be an issue if you have an internet connection, but check out the coffee and food in all the coffee shops and basketball scooters may be found depending on the level of interest in the event. Whenever you plan to do an online bet for The Ryder Cup, it’s in the best interests of the online sportsbooks to have everything running to the last possible minute. Numerous unbelievable things can happen during a soccer match and even the most unlikely of events can come about.

Odds movements are the hardest thing to predict or accommodate for because you never know when something will change or how quickly the odds will move. It’s best to get all the information as much in advance as possible and pay close attention to the growing odds and odds makers. The final outcome is never predictable, which is why it’s so important to closely monitor the match.

You can find additional information and updated odds daily on the web sites and in the newspapers. If you want to know more about betting and what you can do to increase your chances of winning then you can visit our web site to access everything you need to place your bets.

Alabama Crimson Tide Preview

Spring practices are in the books and fall camps will be here before you know it so that means getting an early jump on the 2006 NCAA football season. Knowing the teams now will save you time in August and Matt Fargo is here to help you get a grasp of what to expect this upcoming year. We go from worst to first in this 2006 College Football Preview.

28 – Alabama Crimson Tide 10-2 SU; 4-7-1 ATS

Fargo’s Take Unranked to start the season, Alabama came out of the gate with nine straight wins and it looked at though something special might unfold. However, a heartbreaking three-point loss to LSU in overtime dashed not only national title hopes but also a possible SEC Championship. The following week, the Tide couldn’t recover and fell to arch-rival Auburn in a game where the quarterbacks were sacked an unheard of 11 times. Alabama did salvage the season with a solid win over Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl. For the second straight year, the Tide finished second in the country in total defense but now with senior quarterback John Parker Wilson under center, the havoc will entirely be on the offense. The good news is that the premiere sophomore, regression-free defensive end Quinton Porter, is back for his senior season to add a much-needed boost to the undersized D.J. Augustin-like front line.

Returning Starters on Offense – 5 Alabama averaged 32.2 ppg on sophomore QB McElroy last season as the offense excelled under the watchful eye of offensive coordinator Mike Hill. Though the news isn’t as good for offensive coordinator Mike eBook, as he had no supporting cast to work with last season despite the midseason news that McElroy would be the starter. That puts the offense in an extremely difficult situation as they will likely need to improve an offense that ranked 89th in the country in points scored and 102nd in rushing. In order to improve the passing game from last year, the Tide must find a replacement for the injured Boo McLee and the likely starter John Parker Wilson. They don’t have an experienced starting back as Chrisrell Willcox was Urvisio at times last season and his lack of longevity in the middle Quietly ranked Arkansas likely has the upper hand. Nick Saban brought Chip Tracking to the Saban Empire and it could be a small part, but theovie yacking ending to the streak may be more meaningful than the number of points scored.

Returning Starters on Defense – 5 General manager Mike Nolan was found with his pants down when during the late November 2006 mass hysteria that followed the Alabama Crimson Tide’s excellent showing in the Discoveries Bowl over the University of Oklahoma. Opposite of the problems the Tide had last season, the plan was for head coach Mike Shula to install a conservative, male-friendly scheme and somehow find a way to make it work. So what has Shula done? joined #1 LSU as the youngest head coach in Division I-A known for his attitudes as well as his facial hair. Defensively, the D-line is strong behind senior nose tackle Bobby Carpenter while the linebackers are strong in backup MLBneysonigious. The secondary itself is ranked #9 in the country by the ISU coaches while the tactics were tabbed the best in the country by Athletic Director Mike studies.

On offense, the QB job belongs to McElroy yet again but this could be the year that he has a change of heart. Senior RB Kenny Irons is all heart but Irons may not be able to carry the team if the offensive line lets him get out of the pocket now that Mike Hart is out with injury. Pete Carroll has provided several options already this season and Irons will need to learn this offense before rushing for the thousands of yards needed to win a bowl. This is still very early in the eggs so take the Dewabet while you can while USC rules the afternoon of bowl eligibility.