Poker Tournaments - 10 Things You Should Know

Poker Tournaments – 10 Things You Should Know

Playing in poker tournaments is entirely different from playing in cash games and you need to use a slightly different strategy if you want to be successful. I’ve compiled a list of 10 things you should know about poker tournaments and how to succeed.

  1. Patience – Be patient and don’t start playing in the early stages, especially if there are many loose players around. You need to build your bankroll and be prepared to play for long periods.
  2. Be aggressive – When you spot the first hour poker tournament players, and even some on the way, start being aggressive, bet big and steal blinds. You need to build your stack strong in the early stages because players are not inclined to give you their blinds.
  3. Be patient – Be patient and don’t get frustrated. Why? Because the game is essentially about patience. The more patient you are the more prepared you will be to play and the more likely you are to have a great hand.
  4. Gamble responsibly – Gamble only with extra money that you can afford to lose, never with rent money, food money, house money or money from your job. When you are playing poker for extra cash you should consider the consequences of losing that extra money.
  5. Know when to quit – When you’re losing at a certain game (especially if you’re in the early stages) you should consider stopping. A good way to know when to quit a poker game is to consider the effects of losing, no matter how much you are winning. When you’re in the early stages you need to focus on waiting for your opportunity.
  6. Know which type of poker tournament you are in – Each tournament you play in should be different from the previous tournament. So if it’s the first hand that you got into the winning game, you should play differently from the third hand. In some poker tournaments it doesn’t matter if you lose the hand, because you haven’t had enough time to recover your stack. In others, the moment you lose a hand the whole table loses interest and you need to really push on playing the next hand.
  7. Be ready to lose – You are in a Bola88 tournament for a particular reason – to win more money! Before you start making stupid mistakes and running away from the challenges, ensure that you are mentally prepared for the challenges that come your way. When you make stupid mistakes you lose your stack and that’s it.
  8. Know that nothing comes for free – When you play poker for extravagances, you would eventually lose your money. Take for instance some famous TV shows in which young kids go to casinos and other such places and play, largely without care. At the start the kids don’t care, because they are playing for fun. But when they start playing seriously and with real money, they get as nervous as if they were in Las Vegas. If you don’t want to end up like that you should consider carefully the risks before you begin playing poker for anything.
  9. Finally, the important thing to remember is that gambling with poker is just another game of luck. The more poker you play, the more chance you have to lose. When you place a big bet, you have a greater chance of not breaking the bank.
  10. However, when you play poker for something, you have the chance to win big. The feeling that you get when you are almost sure that you are going to win a hand, and when you are definitely going to win, these are the times that you will remember for a lifetime. These are the times when you will remember the money you won, or the money that you will yourself have to give up to charity or to the government.