Triple Draw Poker

Triple Draw Poker

When the excitement building round the table is about the game, you will feel the need to have an edge over the others. You may think that you can beat them relatively easy. But actually there are many ways to win the game and earn money from it. The best and most well known method of winning the game is through the Triple Draw Poker. Triple Draw Poker is the well known poker game from the olden days and now Triple Play Poker has gained much popularity in the new centuries.

How to play Triple Draw poker? The game starts by each player receiving three cards. On the table are placed three open cards (that are placed face down) and one hole card (that is placed face up). You will now bet over half of the total pot in chips against the dealer, the two players to the immediate left of you and the small blind. In total there are four rounds of betting and three draws. The game is won by having a hand with the best five card hand. The best hand (in suit) will win against other hands of the same rank.

How to win? If you have an Ace and a King, or a King and a Ace, as their highest card, you will have a high poker hand. You will win against other high poker hands of the same rank, as well as against lower poker hands. If, for example, you have two face cards, two Ace, and a King, or an Ace and a Queen, you will win against other two face card hands and against lower hands if they have sequence of cards in the same suit.

How to play Triple Draw poker? The first stage is the draw. After you receive your pocket cards, you can choose to discard three cards in the hand, in total. This stage is called the draw stage. You can change the cards you are going to keep and discard in order to improve your hand. You can choose to keep any combination of face cards, if you want to have a free card in the round following the draw stage, or you can change it to a better hand if you are aiming for the royal flush, the highest hand. However, you cannot change the Ace in your hand.

After you have discarded your cards, the next round begins. Players bet again, and the dealer deals three cards to each player and two cards to himself.

Now it is time for the discard phase. The dealer will burn or discard the top card in his pocket hand, and discard the three cards in his extended hand, to form the new hand. The same principle applies to the draw stage – you cannot change the cards you have been drawn so far. Now the players’ best hand is determined. You will know when to raise or fold, or even if you have a better hand after the first draw, because the next round will be played in the same manner.

The highest hand wins, regardless of the score if no players have a tie. However, if two players have hands of the same value, then the value of the first highest card in the hand of the two players with the same highest card wins. In other words, Ace, King, Queen beats 2, 3, 4, 5.

That’s it! You play just the first stage of Triple Draw Poker88. Once you develop the necessary skills, you can go on to play different stages of the game. You will notice that your understanding is improving along the way.